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Unexpected sunset

Ireland and Northen Ireland, April 2023

The desire to immerse ourselves in nature, 360 degrees, far from the hustle and bustle of the city we live in. Left-hand drive, lots of good Guinness and that bright green that only in the most saturated photos can we admire. It was 8pm, almost the end of our first day among the wonders of Northern Ireland. We drove all the way along the Coast road, up and down very narrow roads, closing our eyes at every missed accident with speeding tractors, admired immense cliffs from above and below, tasted a good whisky from the Old Bushmills distillery, and visited an incredible Unesco World Heritage site: the Giant Causeway. Our final destination for the day was Malin, the northernmost village in the Republic of Ireland, County Donegal. We were pretty tired and super hungry, but the sun was still out and we could see an incredible sunset.

Malin Head is the northernmost tip of this country, the starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way long 2500 km (the longest coastal road in the world), and runs all the way down to Cork city in the South.

A ten-minute walk to the perfect spot. Four beers, a few packs of chips with questionable flavours and we were ready to watch that sun set into the immensity of the ocean. It was just us, immersed in breathless silence, facing the beauty of nature. It was the first of four incredible sunsets that the Irish sky gave us.

Although the search for a place for dinner was in vain, since it was now 10 p.m. and we knew that people typically eat much earlier in Ireland, we found ourselves somewhat by chance in the northernmost pub in the country: we were four tourists in a pub full of Irish. Everyone wanted to talk to us, inexplicably mistaking us for French or Spanish, and then exclaiming enthusiastically (obviously gesticulating and with a strong accent) 'ahh Italians'.

We ended that first Irish day, as well as all the others, with a few (too many) Guinness and lots of laughs.

The roads of Northern Ireland


Old Bushmills Whisky, a must-try!

The Hell Gorge

Malin Head

Wating for

Farren's Bar

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