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The surfskating culture in Algarve

Algarve, Portugal

In southern Portugal, literally the southernmost corner of the European continent, wave lovers can find all kinds of activities in and out of the water.

Since I wanted to improve my surfing level, I came across this incredible sport, which not only gives me the feeling of surfing a wave, but also the opportunity to work on my technique to enjoy the waves more and more.

The surfskate is a tool invented by surfers in the 1960s as an alternative to continue surfing on days when conditions were not ideal, with very small or very big waves.

Little by little, I got deeper and deeper into the study of the surfskate and its relationship to surfing. The more I practised and improved my skills, the more fulfilled and grateful I felt... until one day I decided to share this knowledge with other people, and that's how Balance Matters was born. At first we were a group of friends getting together to surfskate, then it became a coaching service for surfers motivated to improve their skills.

Nowadays we continue to meet in different places in the Algarve: the meetings take place during the summer twice a month, they are totally free with the idea of growing the culture of surfskating, as well as enjoying a few sunsets with people who share the same love for las olas (the waves!).

This place has changed my life, turned a passion into what has become my job, and there is nothing more beautiful.

Have you ever tried surfskating? Drop by @balancematters!

Sunset with las olas


Surfskating with friends

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