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The lady dancing in the sky

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Iceland, December 2022

I think I will never forget the awe and excitement I felt seeing the Northern Lights dancing in the sky as elegantly as only they can.

Iceland is an incredible country that deserves to be visited in both summer and winter.

I went just before Christmas with a nice group of strangers.

December is the time of great darkness, and it is the best time to go in search of the Aurora Borealis, but from the first day one of my first thoughts was that I would go back in the summer to enjoy those immense landscapes.

Lost in a lunar landscape, we didn't have time to turn off the car lights when the sky was filled with light trails. We couldn’t believe it, it was our first night in Iceland and we were given this gift.

Base Camp is a half-hour drive from Reykjavik, a place we discovered a little by chance, but we were very curious. Leaving the city we are plunged into an extraterrestrial landscape where lava debris covered in ice makes the atmosphere even more magical.

The road is dark, without any street lamps, just a black background full of stars.

Welcoming you is Eythor, an Icelandic boy who dedicates his entire life to the search for the Aurora. I will never forget his joy at the spectacle that evening, he was running here and there with his camera because every moment was precious. His eyes told of his passion and with a good chocolate in his hand he told us how this incredible phenomenon happens, but above all how to look for it.

The spectacle we found ourselves in front of that evening was uncommon: we were lucky enough to see the lady dancing in the sky with the naked eye and almost at the height of her splendour.

A good tip if you go looking for the Northen lights: always look North, that's where the magic comes from. Take a thousand pictures and tag us @sei.mai.stato!

Check this amazing place out!

Base Camp

In all her splendour

The sky was all green

An extraterrestrial landscape

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