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The Essence of Thailand

Thilandia - August 2023

You know that feeling of being in the right place at the right time?

That's what I felt once I landed in Thailand.

Although the welcome in Bangkok in the first few days was quite chaotic, sultry, humid and 'smelly', as the days went by my eyes and mind began to fill with unique images and experiences. The spirit of adaptation prevailed over some of the difficulties encountered in the capital and it was at that point that I felt ready to face the rest of the journey; in fact, exploring the hinterland turned out to be a wonderful adventure.

My feelings and emotions were confirmed upon arrival at each prearranged stop; I found old towns rich in historical remains and legends, iconic temples full of details and spirituality, characteristic natural landscapes prevailing over the dwellings, filling my eyes with enchantment, local people who proved to be fantastic and so hospitable that they allowed us to 'enter' into their realities and witness their daily life, sometimes so distant from ours.

Visits to the wonderful and characteristic handicraft villages, of which Thailand is rich, played a key role.

The first village was the pottery village; every square metre of the place was flooded with works and statues of every size and symbolism, so much so that it was difficult to choose a single souvenir.

Next was the handicraft village for the production of the 'Mor Hom', a typical blue (indigo, to be precise) tunic worn in the northern countryside; we had the chance to meet the elderly owner and her daughter, who carefully told us their story and showed us their creations and their method of working these fabrics.

Last but not least, the silk village, my personal favourite. From the initial stage of production, including silkworm breeding, to the creation of the fabrics with the looms used manually by the craftsmen there. At the end of the tour, a boutique full of silk fabrics and garments, in which I could have stayed for hours without even noticing. So much beauty.

In short, in these villages I not only breathed in the essence of this country, but also got to know in depth a loving, warm and hospitable people, who made me feel at home and filled my heart with gratitude.

They say Thailand is the 'land of smiles' and I can only agree.


Chiang Mai, Thailand
Silk village
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
At the market
Phrae, Thailand
Village of Indigo Cossack
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Village of giraffe women

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