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Somewhere in Germany

August 2022, Bad wildbad, Germany

I set out on the Legnano-Copenaghen with some logistical difficulties. The bike took the brunt of the blow and a pedal broke after only 100 km, then I got a flat tire ... long story short, it was not the ideal start to the trip. In Switzerland, near Geneva, I was pedaling and at one point some guys from a bike store called me. I took the opportunity to chat and ask them if they would check me out: not only did they do it for free, but they bought me lunch and a beer. I set off again and the next few days were fortunately uneventful. The accident happened on the fifth day: I started pedaling with the feeling that something would go wrong: in fact, I took a wrong turn, turned slowly, too slowly probably, and fell to the ground. I hoped it was a hunch, so at least I would be okay.

A few hours of pedaling later I realized something was wrong: I checked the gearbox and it looked fine, the tires were fine, the pedal was there ... boh.

I stopped for a bio break and noticed that the rack was hanging all the way back, it was only held up by the lock!!! I looked for another bolt and, of course, couldn't find it. There was a house nearby, so I knocked on the door and pretending to have a typical German face said to the guy:

"Hi. I need to (making the move to bolt, who the fuck knows how to say bolt)."

He looked at me and replied, "Oh ja! Heixjenxhje ... (some words in German) BOZEN."

👀.... "No I am from Milan, not Bozen, anyway I need the thing that screws."

Kraut: "Ja sfaizvarzeielrla(random words) BOZEN."

👀 👀 "Yes, I'm from Bozen."

Finally he went to the garage and took a "bozen," the bolt. He was so kind that he even offered me an apple. 🍎 🇩🇪

Ah, the key to the lock could no longer be found.

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