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Encounters and smoked tuna carpaccio

Have you ever been to Favignana?

What a wonderful island: space sea, a bicycle to ride around the island with salty hair, dry breeze and blue sky. Although what I will probably remember for life is that night when we ended up at a semi-closed seaside place and in the middle of preparations for a party, eating the world's best smoked tuna carpaccio.

We had decided to go out for a bike ride in the opposite direction of downtown for a drink, to enjoy some starry skies and cicadas. Well, we happened upon a little place we had found on the road a few days before, very nice and on the sea: the lights were on even though there was hardly anyone there....

Although there was no bar service scheduled that evening, a very nice couple offered us two beers, told us the story of their family, and welcomed us into the kitchen where all kinds of delicacies were being prepared for the evening of August 14. Arancini, panelle, tabulé, cous cous... In Italy Ferragosto is very much felt, despite its origins linked to pagan tradition it is still celebrated, usually on the 14th evening and/or the 15th at the beach with theme parties, big dinners with music and dancing all night long. We were treated to this freshly sliced carpaccio with a fig wedge: the apotheosis. Unforgettable. Tuna is the flagship fish of the Egadi Islands, being fresh and very tender-in fact, it is an area rich in tuna fisheries. However, tune carpaccio and that smoking taste on top… cannot be explained.

In any case, I haven't told you everything about that encounter at @kiosko_puntalunga ... We were advised to go to a slightly less traveled area of the island to look for an old abandoned Alpitour. What did we find? Some natural pools that overlooked the open sea, a very special and untraveled place to enjoy some quiet and the sound of the waves. Too beautiful!

With a new friend

Downtown streets

Like a swimming pool: Lido Burrone beach

Sunset on the West Coast: Cibo Chiacchiere e Vino

Sunset from the path behind the house

Natural pools

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