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Our italian summer

Calasetta, Sardinia, Italy, August 2020

When I think of Sardinia, I think of a mysterious island, far from the mainland, known by all for its crystal-clear sea and natural beauty, but which, in reality, hides much more than we know. It has a cuisine so rich and unique that, like every Italian region, it holds secrets and traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. And like everyone else, we fell in love with it.

Our holiday in Sardinia was our first breath of fresh air after months closed due to the pandemic back in 2020. After an intense night on the ferry and a three-hours journey to that remote island in south-west Sardinia, Calasetta, we jumped into the sea to play volleyball with the sun setting behind us. It was the beginning of those two weeks of sea life, far from a thousand thoughts.

An aqua-green sea, sand dunes, wild beaches, diving off cliffs, suckling pig on a spit, a Sardinian family who hosted all of us with a smile and unparalleled kindness, a thousand sunsets that coloured the sky, a village inland with lots of grandparents and a swordfish pizza that won us over: all this filled every single moment of our holiday.

If during the day we had an undefined programme and went in search of incredible new landscapes, every evening we found ourselves enjoying the same aperitif, in the same place near the port of Calasetta: the Gracinna bar. Here we discovered the mirtiz.

When you say myrtle, it is immediately Sardinia. An aromatic plant, with a thousand scents, spontaneously growing in bushes, and typical of the Mediterranean area, definitely its ideal habitat on the Sardinian island (and nearby Corsica).

The liqueur has a taste you will not forget. It is also said to 'stain the glass' from how thick and black it is.

We all know the spritz, that Italian aperitif drink that wins everyone over with its sweet taste and bright orange colour. Here, the mirtiz goes one step further: replacing Aperol with myrtle gives it not only an enviable purple colour but also an incredible taste and guaranteed laughter.

The first night

Our favorite spot

Bar Gracinna


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