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No hitches, no real adventure

August 2021, Faroer Islands

I left by plane for the Faroe Islands. The stopover in the French capital of only 40 minutes made me very anxious, but it was the only option. Bear in mind that flights to the Faroe Islands are at most three per day during the high season. These islands, still very wild and not very touristy, offer landscapes against all expectations. I arrived in the Faroe Islands and, as I imagined, the bicycle was not on my flight. I am reassured by the fact that the ground hostess greeted 10 other unfortunates and I already with the form, so I guessed it would have arrived on the next flight. By 'luck' there was a couple of Italians who also had suitcases scattered around Europe. They were kind and told me to spend the next 6 hours with them while waiting for the flight. I accepted and got into the car, and we decided to explore the small island of Sorvagur airport. The islands are all connected by underwater tunnels, they avoid bridges not to spoil the landscape. The girl decided to drive, but we immediately noticed that she was rather distracted by the beauty of the landscape, so much so that not even ten minutes later we ended up off the road, but fortunately she managed to get back on track straight away. The most serious thing happened a few minutes later, when we overtook a pick-up truck in a narrow lane and 'we', that is she, decided to reverse.... ending up in the ditch, stranded and helpless. A young boy got out of the pick-up, he must have been 14 at most, and laughed his head off. The scene was hilarious. He pulled a rope from the truck and got us out of the ditch. We got back to the airport and while their luggage arrived, my bike didn’t..... I will only meet it after 68 hours spent at the airport, endless hours, waiting for the most spectacular trip ever. The real adventure had yet to start!


Wild and undiscovered

Wild and undiscovered

Meeting a pick-up truck

A little boy and the pick-up truck

Waiting for my bike

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