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From Brianza to Norway by van

Europe, January 2022

In January 2022 my husband and I decided to try the experience of a weekend in a camper van. We wanted to try this new way of travelling and ended up liking it so much that we decided to buy our own van!

After a few test weekends near home it was time to test the vehicle for a long trip from Brianza up to Norway. The initial idea was to reach the Arctic Circle and from there the beautiful Lofoten islands. Unfortunately, we didn't have that much time and had to shorten our itinerary, which in any case took us all the way north. The excitement was through the roof, both because of the final destination, which would allow us to pass through some countries in Europe, and because of the unusual means by which we decided to travel.

The questions before departure were many, as we were totally inexperienced in this world: will we last for three weeks in such a small space? Will we enjoy crossing different countries by road for such a long time? Will we find places to sleep at night? All this with a new member of our crew, a new one-year-old girl explorer!

Here are the stops of our trip:

- Switzerland: we stayed on a farm with a wonderful view of the valley.

- Liechtenstein, a constitutional hereditary monarchy with only 34,600 inhabitants... but one of the richest states in the world! Here we only had one stop for lunch.

- Germany: we made several stops (this country is really long!) and also found some farms here that hosted us by providing water and electricity.

- Denmark: with a stop in beautiful Copenhagen and then passage to Sweden directly under the sea, crossing the famous Øresund bridge.

- And finally Norway, after just over 2,000 km of road, the land of wonderful fjords.

On the way back, however, there were three stops worth recommending: the sand dunes and abandoned lighthouse of Rubjerg Knude in Denmark, the nearby Lego House and the vineyards in Durbach, Germany.

What can I say, a different way of travelling, certainly a slower one, but one that allowed us to come into contact with nature and local realities. Until the next adventure!


First stop: Switzerland

Second stop: Liechtenstein

Third stop: Germany

Fourth stop: Copehnaghen, Denmark

Going around Sweden

Getting to our last stop

Last stop: Norway!

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