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Crazy rich Asians

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Singapore, February 2023

On the 57th floor of Tower 3 at the Marina Bay Sands hotel there's a very popular venue, C'EST LA VIE, and if you're passing through Singapore a cocktail at the skybar is definitely worth grabbing. Not so much for what you drink, but for the view: epic. Should it be windy don't worry, I can't imagine a nicer way to dry your hair 😜

What I probably didn't expect was to have Italian guys at the next table with the advice that turned the night around.

"Have you seen Crazy Asian Rich? The movie!" - and no, we had not seen it. Cristina, from Udine, is rather amused and tells us about this night market with few tourists. 'It's something unique and special, there are kiosks that have taken a Michelin star for street food in the past few years. Not many people know about it, but I'm sure a lot of locals go there'. We didn't make ourselves repeat it twice, and trying to remember the metro stop we got off at Newton and followed the scents.

As soon as we got in, the scene was surreal: like a village festival, lots of people at tables dining on delicious dishes. For the most part, each stall has its own speciality, a dish it has been making for years - and it's true, one has had a Michelin star for street food. The food is spacey, we tried satay, fish dishes and delicious grilled gyoza, all at a very honest price compared to the average in the metropolis. It's a super-efficiently self-organised night market, a gathering for families and friends where everyone is expected to clear the table in designated areas to maintain order and cleanliness for those who come after.

Not the usual skyscrapers, and so worth it.

Amazing view from the 57th floor

Amazing view pt2

the market from outside

Newton Food Centre

Feeling home


Our dinner

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