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Coconut water for breakfast

Thulusdhoo, Maldives - August 2023

A vacation in the Maldives in a guest house means living closely with the local people and traditions, following their rules. It can be a small hotel, a bed & breakfast, or a guest house located on one of the fishermen's islands.

Thulusdhoo is a small island in the North Malé Atoll, perfect for those who want to spend a few days in the archipelago, as it is only a 30-minute boat ride from Malé International Airport. The local people are very welcoming. Early in the morning you can meet children walking, hand in hand, or riding bicycles to school.

The houses are all painted in bright colors that enhance the beauty of the surrounding nature. Imposing old trees line the dirt roads, populated by many bicycles, mopeds and cars that can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Everywhere you turn you see the sea just a few steps away. It was just us, and a few tourists here and there, enjoying the coconut water at any time of day.

Five days, four breathtaking nature excursions and an exciting surf lesson with sea turtles.

It was the last day and we wanted to see one of the few parts of the reef still alive. Unfortunately, we were told, the 2004 tsunami had wreaked enormous havoc on the sea floor, taking everything that populated it with it.

The excursion would start with at least four people, and there were two of us. Since there were not many tourists, we started asking anyone we met on the road.

With some luck we found an Italian gentleman to join our team. We were ready. There were three of us, but they took us anyway.

On the way to the reef we met beautiful dolphins swimming under our boat, skimming over the ocean toward the horizon.

The guide who was with us, a young marine biology enthusiast, accompanied us on all the excursions during those days. We followed him everywhere, swimming with our hands behind our backs as spectators of something that was only to be admired and protected.

Purple, yellow, blue, pink and blue corals. Colorful fish popped up from every corner. Sea turtles swimming peacefully in the crystal clear water.

Seeing the living coral reef is a supernatural sight that puts even the most subdued souls at peace.

Our Bikini Beach

Thulusdhoo and its bright colors

Coconut water at any time of the day

The center

Sunset with locals


Our Guest house

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