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Philippines, January 2023

Awe. Awe is one of my favourite words as it perfectly expresses a full and immersive feeling that one can experience when in front of something truly magical.

I had the pleasure of visiting Coron (Palawan, Philippines) island hopping in a classic Filipino boat and sleeping in bungalows on remote and private islands managed by locals.

Before leaving for a trip I do a lot of blog and YouTube research in search of unique experiences and I found Big Dream Boat Man which made this unique experience possible.

Four days dedicated to visit unique and hidden gems, in the best company. A team of ‘island boys’ as they describe themselves, guided us to visit wonderful natural sights across the waters surrounding Coron, while cooking us delicious Filipino food. They even managed to barbecue a freshly caught trivali at the back of the boat! Their happy spirit made the trip even more enjoyable.

Amongst lagoons, snorkelling, visiting islands with incredible and unique landscapes, one of my top experiences has been arriving in a place called Pass Island, at sunset, a small island with white sand constellated of palm trees where we stayed for the night. I enjoyed the simplicity of watching the ocean with a pink sunset light, swimming in the warm calm water and finally sleeping in a simple traditional cottage, bamboo built with a simple mattress on the floor.

Being able to spend four days in nature with your phone in airplane mode and having time just to fill your eyes with beauty and wonderful people is of a special beauty.

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