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A lighthouse at sunset and the fish stall

Sagres, Portugal - August 2019

August 2019, the year of the best on-the-road trip I have ever taken: Andalusia and southern Portugal. We are a nice group of friends, leaving for the first time together. The plan is to alternate cultural days with sea days.

Our tour starts in Malaga, crossing all of southern Spain to Faro in Portugal, from where our ascent to Lisbon, our last stop, begins.

We leave Sevilla with tears in our eyes, all Spain has conquered us with tapas, sangría, las cervezas, the rhythm that Spaniards have in their blood, the sand dunes and the summer sun.

The Algarve is another world, which deserves to be discovered.

We are ready to enjoy one of the most anticipated sunsets of the entire holiday at the Cabo de Sao Vicente lighthouse. For those who don't know it, I recommend going to look it up because it is a breathtaking place.

The Cabo Sao Vicente lighthouse, 75 metres above sea level, is located at the westernmost point of all Europe, along the Costa Vicentina.

Called 'the lighthouse that looks at the end of the earth' because in ancient times it was the last known patch of land.

We spend the day among sheer cliffs, immense beaches and endless tournaments of 'crush 7'.

The sky is clear.

Here we arrive at the lighthouse: completely covered in fog that has risen from the ocean. You can't see anything at all, barely the lighthouse itself. Too bad, I have read stories and seen crazy pictures of this sunset.

Tired, hungry and perhaps even a little disappointed, we head back towards Sagres in search of some good fresh fish. We end up in this little restaurant which, although unconvincing at first, immediately won us over. It is the only one that takes us without a reservation, so we wait outside for our turn. We find ourselves in front of a fish stall, a bit like a supermarket, with a gentleman shouting in a mix of English and Portuguese what fish we want and placing it inside a plastic container. He weighs it, cleans it and off to the kitchen.

I have no idea how many kilos of fresh fish we ate that night.

Check this restaurant out!

Sagres, Algarve, Portugal
Cliffs overlooking the sea
Cabo de Sao Vicente, Sagres, Portugal
The Lighthouse
Cabo de Sao Vicente
The sunset
Restaurant in Sagres, Portugal
Adega Dos Arcos
Restaurant in  Sagres, Portugal
Fish stall
Restaurant in  Sagres, Portugal
Kilos of fresh fish

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