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A house in the rock

Kapadokya, August 2022

Ibrahim inherited this land, bought in the 1940s from his great-grandfather, as a small treasure for his family. Far from the noisy, touristy Göreme, we found ourselves in the middle of the breathtaking landscape that is Kapadokya.

A cave, a mattress, several blankets and four friends, a few simple elements for an incredible experience immersed in nature.

After a magnificent sunset and a survival shower, we were ready for dinner. Between chats and various stories over good Turkish food, we immersed ourselves in their culture.

I always find it amazing how much one can learn from all the people one meets on one's travels, from the different customs and lifestyles.

I felt at home sleeping under a starry sky, immersed in the silence of the night.

When we woke up, we were greeted by an incredible spectacle: the sky was coloured with a thousand hot-air balloons. We climbed the nearby mountain to better admire it and no words were needed.

Ibrahim and his family were super welcoming and enthusiastic about hosting us, which made this mini-experience even more special.

A house in the rock

Awake at dawn, hot air balloons everywhere in the sky

Ibrahim's kitchen

Our open-air room

Dinner in the making

Add a seat at the table

Good night Kapadokya!

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