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A dune is forever

Andalusia, Spagna - August 20219

Tarifa is the southernmost tip of Spain, where the land meets the ocean and on a clear day you can see Morocco and the African continent.

We arrive late one afternoon after a visit to Gibraltar on the way to our tour of Andalusia.

We decide to leave our luggage down and see the hostel, a very green place where a group of Spanish and Italian guys run it between surfing lessons. 

Once we've put everything down we head for the beach, the nearest point is only a few hundred metres away and before we get a glimpse of the ocean we have to cross the wonderful sand dunes. 

We don't waste a single moment in surfing and throwing ourselves down on the other side. 

At the top we can see the whole of the immense playa de valdevaqueros, which is lost in the sun, sea and sky dotted with paragliders.

In the evening we go to the village centre to eat an excellent grilled squid and some tapas in one of the many small restaurants with tables in the middle of the street.

The next day, with a good night's sleep, we get up and, on the advice of the ‘locals’, we decide to park the car in a typical restaurant near the ‘natural pools’, as they had described and defined that hidden corner of the playground. this is how they had described and defined that hidden corner of the playa where ocean and rocks created this masterpiece.

But on our arrival nothing, just a lot of fog and sand damp from the previous night's dew. 

We don't lose heart and throw a few footballs, make a few jokes and collapse on our towels.

An hour later we woke up and to our great joy and amazement here was the magic, the clouds had cleared, the tide had risen and voila the pools. 

The icing on the cake came from lunch of an excellent seafood barbecue with freshly caught fish.

All that remains is to return to the base in the evening to admire the lights of Morocco one last time from the opposite side and to say goodbye to a place that enters our hearts and never leaves, and then to continue our journey...


Tarifa, Andalusia
Sand dunes
Tarifa, Andalusia
To the beach
Tarifa, Andalusia
In the morning at low tide and fog
Tarifa, Andalusia
Natural swimming pools
Tarifa, Andalusia
Fresh fish barbecue

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