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A dive into Europe, overseas

Georgetown, Washington DC, USA - August 2023

I had been immersed in skyscrapers, buildings and typical American residential areas for months. To find myself catapulted from Europe to the United States was just the least of my expectations. 

We walked the length and breadth of Washington D.C., and it was like taking a bath in an American history book. The immensity of the monuments to war exploits, to the fallen, to those who created the country... there is not a corner of the capitol monuments that does not reiterate their power. 

'First in War, First in Peace, First in the hearts of his countrymen' celebrates the Washington monument, in honour of its first president. At noon, I found myself at the Lincoln memorial, open-mouthed and nose in the air as I read his speeches on the walls and, when I turned around, thinking that I had before me that iconic scene of the man who 'had a dream' that I have seen in books and movies all my life. I had chills, despite the photonic heat.

As I walked around the city, I noticed something different: the spaces around me were vast, I could admire the blue sky and green meadows for quite a while without ever coming across any buildings or skyscrapers... and coming from New York, where everything is narrow and very tall, the difference seemed abysmal. Then I found out that there is a government-imposed limit on the height of buildings, as a matter of safety.

After lunch we decided to change the area completely and jumped on a bus to a neighbourhood near our accommodation. As we got off the bus, I was quite disoriented. More than having crossed the city, I felt like I had crossed the Atlantic because... the architecture of Georgetown is so reminiscent of Europe.

I even found an independent, beautiful book shop where all the books he had were donated.And the crazy thing was that it did not limit itself to books, but also had a very large collection of records and vinyls. He was known for having used and rare books, which is why everyone seemed to be looking for treasures hidden among the shelves inside the shop and out in the street. 

We enjoyed a nice fresh milkshake, and strolled among the colorful terraced houses, the red brick houses... live music in the little park, my parents were telling me what I had missed in the last few months, and for a moment, it felt like home.

Washington, D.C
On the other side

And it is immediately Europe
Walking around
Washington, D.C
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Washington, D.C

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